By using the Avnet Integrated Solutions team and range of services, as well as the benefits of our global expertise, you can get your products to market faster and more efficiently, helping you build more profit and stronger customer relationships.
You may already be buying components or software for your intelligent devices from Avnet Integrated Solutions, but when you use us for your end-to-end solution we can help you shorten supply chains, build business efficiency, save cost and through the advice and support of our experienced teams, develop faster and more effectively.



Find out more about our expertise in each technology:


Avnet Integrated Solutions supports you at all stages of your design with in-depth and professional guidance  to ensure your computing platform is perfectly matched to your application.
During the development cycle we can advise and support in many ways:

Concept phase

  • Extensive knowledge on both RISC and x86 architectures
  • Advice on system security and supporting software
  • Concept drawings
  • Sample systems and boards for initial tests/decision making
  • Solution suggestions
  • Access to Avnet Embedded solutions engineers
  • Operating System guidance
  • EMC engineers ready to discuss certification concerns

Design phase

  • Dedicated local engineers & project teams
  • In-house German electronics engineers team to assist any custom requests
  • In-house German solutions engineers for full custom solutions
  • 3D models & drawings to enable design sign off
  • Designed around your certification, environmental/EMC requirements
  • Stocked standard solutions to use for performance benchmarking
  • Operating System engineers available for support and training
  • Assistance with development of test procedures

Sample phase

  • Rapid product sampling
  • Easy feedback process for sample enhancement
  • Reference embedded OS or fully custom operating system preload
  • Solution kits
  • Local engineering resource available to support any testing
  • Local labs to assist with any pre-defined tests and reduce your engineering work load

Trial phase

  • Field trials of any volume can be supported
  • Assistance onsite, with support and installation as required
  • Pre-installation of all software and operating systems via our solution center
  • Build instruction for use in our solution centers around the world will be produced 
  • Market specific technical knowledge to ensure trials go as smoothly as possible

 Mass production

  • Global manufacturing sites
  • Supporting roll-outs of 100 pc to 10k+ per year
  • In-house German manufacturing services
  • All manufacturing sites using the same shop floor software and build instructions
  • Custom test criteria can be defined
  • Warranties can be extended to 7 years and beyond
  • Global warehousing and shipping
  • Onsite support and installation options




The ever evolving electronics industry has created ‘game changing' innovation with respect to the ‘User Interface’ (UI) experience, consumer electronics has re-set the bar in terms of customer expectation and functionality.

The ‘UI’ revolution has been closely followed by our industrial customers who in turn show a strong appetite for such differentiation. With an increasing demand for complex ‘UI’ solutions, our customers look to Avnet Integrated Solutions for design expertise in displays, touch and mechanical integration. Developing and producing ‘UI’ solutions for a wide range of industrial markets such as medical, HMI, FA, automotive, vending, test & measurement, Avnet Integrated Solutions has gained the insight for best practice and the opportunity to leverage the ‘inside-track’ knowledge from our market leading suppliers.

Wherever you are in your development cycle – concept to design, prototyping to mass production – our team of expert engineers deliver thought-provoking ideas that drive innovative design and production efficiency.




Although technology is rapidly changing the way we share and store information, sometimes there is no substitute for having a printed record, in your hand, on a piece of paper.  Whether it is test results from a medical device, a trace from a drilling site, or a simple receipt from a car park ticketing machine, we all use printed tickets and receipts in our daily lives.  The “paperless office” was a term coined decades ago but it hasn’t happened yet!

At Avnet Integrated Solutions we provide our customers with a wide range of industrial printers to connect with, or integrate inside their own instruments. Applications and markets range from medical devices, to heavy engineering, to oil exploration, and all use printers in one form or another.

If you need to incorporate a printer into your product then Avnet Integrated Solutions are the experts. We have decades of experience and work closely with the best products and suppliers, providing you with help and advice to speed you through the design process.

Whether you need a battery powered wireless printer in the test lab, or a colour printer in a truck, Avnet Embedded can help!




As the "Internet Of Things" turns into a reality, the availability of reliable, efficient and cost effective wireless connectivity is starting to define the way we interact with our surroundings and live our every-day lives. Home Automation, Assisted Living, Wellness and Sports Wearables – all examples of practical and affordable implementations of today’s technology. Like the market, the hardware is evolving rapidly and it’s not always easy to keep up with the changes...

As wireless product experts, Avnet Integrated Solutions has its finger on the pulse and has the inside track on what’s happening.  Our knowledge allows us to give advice on how to simplify the integration of “Wireless” into your hardware, and we work with our suppliers and labs to maximise the range or throughput of your finished device. We also have a broad selection of Boxed Modems, Routers and IOT Gateways and have airtime partners making us your one stop shop for the complete Edge to Enterprise solution.




As the embedded software experts across EMEA we provide best-in-class software products and services for embedded OEMs combined with the largest dedicated technical and sales team in the business.

Our software products include embedded client and server operating systems, security, real-time and device management.  We have over 100 years of combined experience of Windows Embedded in markets including retail, defense, signage and industrial automation.

We offer in-house services from image creation, analysis and performance tuning to full integration of embedded systems and servers.