Hardware products

Avnet Integrated Solutions and MSC Technologies are proud to offer the widest range of Azure-certified, Intel-based Computer on Modules available on the market todaty.

Combining support for the latest Intel roadmap CPUs & SoCs with Azure certification and custom IoT BSPs, Avnet Integrated Solutions helps you deliver IoT projects quicker and in the most secure way possible.

We collaborate with Microsoft to accelerate your IoT solutions.
View a list of Azure certified boards - made in Germany - here:

Certified boards from MSC Technologies

BayTrail family

COM Express Compact Type 6

Board: C6C-BT

Starter kit: MSC C6-SK-BT-EV

COM Express Mini Type 10

Reference: C10M-BT

Find out more:


Starter kit


Board reference: Q7-BT

Starter kit reference: MSC Q7-SK-BT-EP6

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Starter kit

Braswell family

Certification in process

Skylake family

Certification in process

Apollo Lake family

Certification in process

Other Azure certified hardware

Avnet Integrated Solutions helps you start your IoT projects with trusted devices that are certified as compatible with the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite and Azure IoT Hub.

Avalue RiPac

Avalue RiTab

Dell Edge gateway 5000 series

Gigabyte EL-20 series

HPE EL10 intelligent gateway

HPE EL20 intelligent gateway