September 11, 2017

Industrial-grade embedded flash drive

Avnet Integrated Solutions now supplies the iNAND 7250 industrial-grade Embedded Flash Drive (EFD) from SanDisk® for the purpose of optimising networked devices in industrial and IoT environments. Typical applications include not only networked devices and IoT gateways but also modern systems-on-modules (SOMs), security cameras and commercial drones, for example.
The industrial-grade iNAND 7250 offers the high boot-up speeds typical of flash memory, high reliability, high robustness and consistent performance data. This powerful EFD uses LDPC/ECC error management and eMLC memory for reliable data storage. The LDPC engine with special error correction capabilities ensures that the devices have a long service life and can operate under high temperatures. The benefits of the eMLC memory compared to standard MLC memory include superior durability over the service life of the memory, which among other things provides a lower uncorrectable bit-error rate (UBER).
The industrial-grade iNAND 7250 is available with memory capacity of 8 GB to 64 GB. The noteworthy functions include not only an expanded operating temperature range of -40°C to 8 °C, but also advanced health management, automated and manual data updating, an RPMB and boot partition, flexible EUDA and a fast-boot mode. The memory supports the e.MMC 5.1 interface and also offers 3.3 V I/O support for legacy designs to enable modernisation of older systems.
Like all industrial-grade products from SanDisk, the iNAND 7250 also undergoes extensive testing and is part of a long-term, stable roadmap.