MSC C6B module

The MSC C6B-8S-008 features the Intel core 4th generation in a COM express type 6 basic form factor. Combined with extensive set of interfaces, turbo boost capabilities for CPU and graphic controller, display port output, USB3.0, this computing module will be ideal for high-end equipment, digital signage, medical, video acquisition and processing.

The features include Sata-II, HDMI/display port, triple independent display output, USB 3.0, Ethernet, and PCIe extension.

Software services like Microsoft Embedded OS support and development can be offered with this module. Evaluation kit and baseboard are available as well as baseboard development services.

Model nameC6B-8S
Form factorCOM Express T6 basic
Dimensions95 x 125mm
CPUIntel Core i7-4700EQ
ChipsetIntel QM87
RAMup to 16GB
Onboard storagenone
OS supportWES7, Windows 8/8.1, Linux
Applications & Markets

Avnet Embedded have built a range of industrial and semi-industrial modules that ensures highest performance, both in regards to reliability and speed.
Our selection of modules are all based on industry standard form factors, such as Mini-ITX, 3.5” & Pico-ITX. By taking advantage of these standards and selecting partners that support extended life time products we are able to provide not only continuous supply of the same board for 5-7 years but also offer direct replacements when the time comes to re-design.

Some of the markets that benefit from this are:

  • Industrial Automation Control
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Digital Signage
  • Kiosk
  • Broadcast
  • Gaming

Our engineering team have supported many customers in these markets in launching new products on industrial modules.

Some typical applications we see for these products:

  • Xray machines
  • CT scanners
  • Live Audio/Video mixing desks
  • Robot control
  • Industrial data capture and analytics
  • Gaming machines
  • Intelligent routers


Avnet Embedded also offer additional lifecycle services around these products which many of our customers benefit from, such as:

  • Extended warranty – up to 10 years
  • Advanced replacement warranties – to ensure the shortest down time possible in the unlikely event of a failure
  • Onsite maintenance
  • Windows & Linux image creation
  • Kitting and integration options

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Ordering info
MSC C6B-8S-008Intel Core i7-4700EQ, 47/37W TDP, GbE, TPM 1.2, Type 6
MSC C6B-8S-005Intel Core i5-4400E, 37W TDP, GbE, TPM 1.2, Type 6
MSC C6B-8S-012Intel Core i5-4402E, 25W TDP, GbE, TPM 1.2, Type 6
MSC C6B-8S-004Intel Core i3-4100E, 37W TDP, GbE, TPM 1.2, Type 6
MSC C6B-8S-003Intel Core i3-4102E, 25W TDP, GbE, TPM 1.2, Type 6
MSC C6B-8S-001Intel Celeron 2000E, 37W TDP, GbE, TPM 1.2, Type 6
MSC C6B-8S-002Intel Celeron 2002E, 25W TDP, GbE, TPM 1.2, Type 6


Heatspreader: MSC Q7-IMX6-02 HSP-001 or MSC Q7-IMX6-02 HSP-002

Passive heatsink: MSC C6B-8S-01 HSI-001

Active heatsink: MSC C6B-8S-01 HSF-001

Starterkit : MSC Q7-SK-8S-T6T2-KIT001



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