To supplement our standard range of products Avnet Embedded offers a full custom service to enable design engineers to source a product to a bespoke design both physically and electrically. 
This service covers the supply of Custom LCD glass, Custom LCD modules, and Complete custom display assemblies. 

Semi-custom projects are also supported enabling customers to incorporate modifications to the standard product range. Our suppliers offer all techniques of assembly COG, COB, TAB, FPC etc. 

With many years experience Avnet Embedded is able to quickly assess even the briefest of product specifications and offer the best technical solution together with outline costings. Our in house expertise allows us to match the strengths of our suppliers to the project and application ensuring the best combination is selected to enable a smooth project flow from concept to mass production.    

customdisplay : Module : assembly
Technology TN / STN / FSTN                        
LayoutSegmented : character : graphic or combination
Model numberAVE project number allocated to each project
Overall sizeCustomer choice shaped LCD and PCB considered
View area Customer choice to suit appeture
Active areaTBA based on resolution and window size
Pixel size0.20 x 0.20 minimum 
InterfaceParallel : Serial : SPI : I2C all options considered
View direction6 o'clock standard 
Backlight LED - single colour, Bi colour, Tri colour options
Operating temperatures0 ~ 50 °C commerical
-20 ~ 70 °C wide temperature (HT)
-30 ~ 80 °C extra wide temperature (EHT) 


(check with Avnet Embedded)

Additional circuitry at customers choice

Various veiw angles 

High contrast technology

Automotive / military specifications



Applications & Markets

Custom LCD's or custom LCD module's offer the design engineer complete flexability. Manufacturing LCD's is based on an etching process similar to PCB's therefore any shape can be created as an Icon. Custom layouts offer a simple method of displaying information tailored made to suit the application. Company logo's, special symbols and text styling are all possible to make a unique display medium which will enhance the end product

Custom LCD´s and modules can easily be tooled with a low NRE cost, this offers designers the choice to have the exact layout and size for the application and additional customer circuitry can be included during the design phase. Avnet Embedded will utilise all of there Mono LCD suppliers for custom projects, using our in-house expertise we select the supplier based on the application this enables us to offer the best solution for any application as we tailor the design to the strengths of the selected supplier.  

  • Measuring & instrumentation

  • Handheld devices
  • Medical 
  • Heating controls
  • Automotive
  • Military
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