Varitronix MDLS-20 x 4 Character Module Series

This 20x4 LCD module, is part of the standard product range from Varitronix. These LCD modules are widely accepted in all market areas where a simple alphanumeric readout is required.
Using STN technology results in the product range having a wide viewing angle and high contrast ratio which can be enhanced by the addition of an array style LED backlight if required by the application. 

ModelMDLS 204 Series
Technology STN / FSTN                        
Layout20 charatcers x 4 line
MDLS model number20433 20464B 20464
Overall size65.0 x 28.4 : 77.0 x 47.0 : 98.0 x 60.0
View area 46.0 x 18.4 : 60.0 x 22.0 : 76.0 x 25.2
Character height3.15 : 4.03 : 4.70
Pixel size0.33 x 0.35 : 0.42 x 0.46 : 0.50 x 050
Interface8 Bit parallel
View direction6 o'clock
Backlight LED 
Operating temperatures0 ~ 50 °C commerical
-20 ~ 70 °C wide temperature (HT)
-30 ~ 80 °C wide temperature (EHT)


(check with Avnet Embedded)

Different view directions

Positve and negative modes

Different backlight colours

Weight35 g


Applications & Markets

Character Dot Matrix LCD modules offer a simple and clear method of displaying numerical information. The industry standard formats are well accepted across all market sectors.

Design engineers will normally choose the most appropriate product for the application by selecting the number of characters required for the parameters being measured by the end instrument. 
Within the Avnet Embedded standard range the preferred options are 16x1, 16x2, 20x2, 16x4, 20x4, 40x2 most of these layouts are offered with different Characters heights. Other formats are available by special request. 
If no standard option is suitable then a custom module can easily be tooled with a low NRE cost, this offers designers the choice to have the exact layout and size for the application and additional circuitry can be included.  

  • Measuring & instrumentation

  • Handheld devices
  • Medical 
  • Heating controls
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