802.15x Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth SmartReady

The most popular and fastest growing technology today is Bluetooth 4.0, officially named Bluetooth SMART.  This technology is not backwards compatible with Classic Bluetooth and it is ideally suited to low data rate, low power devices such as sensors. Avnet Integrated Solutions offers a range of stand alone modules and SW stack combinations to suit all needs.



Bluetooth SMART Ready  is a combination of Classic Bluetooth (V. 2.x and V. 3.x) and Bluetooth 4.0. Typically SMART Ready devices are used as the Master/Receiver node for a network of sensors and for this reason Avnet Integrated Solutions can offer this technology as a module or as an “add on” to M.2 and PCIe form factor products.



“Classic” Bluetooth products are defined by their class, 1, 1.5 or 2 which defines their maximum output powers and hence ranges and by their stack version. Avnet Integrated Solutions offers Serial Port Profile products for simple short range cable replacement and a selection of HCI modules for more demanding applications.

It is complex choosing the right product and we’d be delighted to help. Please call or e-mail us at for some advice.