GNSS modules, Smart antennas and mouse products

Avnet Integrated Solutions has a full range of products to cover any performance or use case requirement.
Generally the fastest time to fix and most accurate GPS positioning is obtained by using a GNSS receiver. This means that the receiver utilises in parallel both GPS and one of a range of additional technologies such as Galileo or Glonass to compute the final positioning solution.
Additionally the higher performance GNSS receivers typically offer on-board data loggers and faster update rates (10Hz max).
Lastly specialist applications may use GPS/GNSS as a Tier 1 time source and this may require TRAIM support, a dedicated timing safety feature that ensures consistent 1PPS even in the event of spurious timing data being supplied from one satellite.

Factors to consider in your application are:

  • How tightly is your device integrated?
  • Would something with integrated antenna reduce technical risk or boost performance?
  • If you need to use a module, do you need an on-board LNA?
  • What are your cost considerations? ie FLASH or ROM based
  • Do you need to support  GPS or GNSS?
  • What is your host interface requirements: USB/UART etc?
  • Do you need any unique configurations or boot-up strings?

It is complex choosing the right product and we’d be delighted to help. Please call or e-mail us at for some advice.