Terminals, Gateways & Routers

Everyone is talking about “IoT” and Edge to Enterprise, and of digitising our surroundings.
At Avnet Integrated Solutions we have a range of products that can help you realise your visions of the future.

At the entry level we have 2G terminal / modem products, these come ready to deploy and we have offerings from Gemalto and Multitech. Ready to connect with your existing infrastructure via USB or serial, these are a great way to “IoT” your existing hardware.

Moving into 3G we have intelligent modems with I/O that can host applications and that will support one or more of serial, RS485, USB, and LAN (end point) connectivity. We also have a range of products that have additional features such as on board GPS and Wi-Fi and that feature on-board device management software and API hooks to allow you to build your own device management dashboards.  

Taking 3G and 4G versatility to the next level we have a range of IoT gateway devices from Option [Cloudgate] and Multitech [Gambit and Conduit]. These products have off-the-shelf modular expansion cards, allowing access to many different connectivity standards, and the interfaces are published to allow customers to create their own unique hardware add-ons. The products feature cloud-based deployment to enable you to connect, control and upload your own middleware onto the device.

Finally we have a range of 3G single port and 4G multi-port routers and Wi-Fi access points. Perfect to set up a mobile office, to control a clustered deployment of devices or to act as an emergency business continuation cellular failover in the event of a primary Internet Service Provider outage.


It is complex choosing the right product and we’d be delighted to help. Please call or e-mail us at wireless_integrated@remove-this.avnet.eu for some advice.