WLAN 802.11x products

Wi-Fi is changing fast and so is our product portfolio.  Factors to consider in your application are:

  • Do you need co-existence support for other 2.4GHz radios in your application?
  • Do you need an on board stack or do you need driver support. Which OS’s?
  • What data rate do you need to achieve i.e. how many channels are needed, 1 x 1 or more?
  • Do you need single 2.4GHz or 2.4 & 5GHz products?
  • Do you need client or access point functionality?
  • What is the operational temperature range?
  • What longevity is needed?

Miniature 802.11 b,g,n  SiP products, with on board stack are just becoming available and their small size, low power and low cost is revolutionising Smart Home and IoT applications.

We also have a complete range of classic industrial SMT products from available with and without antennas.

And finally we have a complete range of PCIe and M.2 form factor products which are typically used in the highest data rate and or multi technology combinations applications.



It is complex choosing the right product and we’d be delighted to help. Please call or e-mail us at wireless_integrated@remove-this.avnet.eu for some advice.