Seiko CAPD247 & 347 Thermal Printer Mechanism

Seiko have combined their legendary reliability with high performance, compact design and varying print widths, making the CAPD*47 the most versatile printer mechanism range available today. 

The wide operating temperature -10°C to +50°C allows for use outdoors in demanding conditions. 5V versions are also available please see CAPD*45.

Model name     CAPD245CAPD345
Technology type                                            Direct thermal
Paper width                    58 mm                    80 mm
Print speed                    200 mm / sec                    170 mm / sec
Power                                                   24V
Paper path                                                Curved
Resolution                                              8 dots / mm
Cutter                                              Full cut / partial cut
Interface                                   IFD001-01*K (serial or USB)
Operating temperature                                           -10°C ~ 50°C
Drivers                                      Windows / Linux / OPOS
Dimensions83.1 mm (W ) x 26.9 mm (H) x 35.4 mm (D)105.1 mm (W) x 26.9 mm (H) x 35.4 mm (D) 
Weight                     131 g                      154 g
Accessories                                       CPU / interface boards
Downloads & Extras

Chip sets and interface boards are available for most mechanisms for customers who do not wish to design their own board.

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