Seiko DPU-S245 Mobile Printer

The DPUS245 is a versatile mobile printer ideal for mobile applications such as mobile sales printing from a tablet PC or PDA, measuring equipment, medical applications and ticketing in particular in the parking industry. A wide operating temperature allows use outside in demanding weather conditions, and with easy paper loading feature you are able to start printing within seconds.

There are two versions of the DPUS245 available; standard version with serial/USB and IrDA interfaces or alternatively there is a Bluetooth version with Serial, USB and Bluetooth interfaces. There are many accessories available such as carry case & single battery charger, however Avnet Embedded have also produced after market carry case and 8 gang battery chargers for customers with multiple units out in the field. 

Model nameDPU-S245
Technology typeDirect thermal
Paper width58 mm
Print speed100 mm / sec
InterfacesSerial / USB / IrDA / Bluetooth
CutterTear bar
Operating temperature-10°C ~ 50°C
DriversWindows XP / Vista / CE 5.0 / Mobile 5.0 / 6.0
Dimensions83 mm (W) x 45 mm (H) x 130 mm (D)
Weight280 g
AccessoriesSingle charger / 8 gang charger / carry case
Applications & Markets

Seiko have introduced a 2" version of the highly successful 4" DPU-S445.

The DPU-S245 is ideal for mobile sales applications in combination with PDA's, smartphone's, tablets or PC's. 

  • Parking

  • Mobile sales 
  • Medical 
  • Measuring & instrumentation
  • Restaurants
Downloads & Extras


Accessories include a protective leather carrier case and battery chargers. 

Charging options: The battery can be charged inside the printer, there is also a single battery charger available for those who prefer charging one battery separately while maybe still using the printer with a second battery.

Please contact us for more details.

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