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Avnet Integrated Solutions specialises in providing contract manufacturing and product lifecycle services for a wide range of device types and vertical markets. If our expertise matches your current needs, please contact us. 

Vertical Markets   

Healthcare & Medical

Examples: EMR/EHR Systems; Lab & Clinical Diagnostic Workstations; Handheld tablets; MRI, X-ray & other Radiology Systems; Picture Archiving & Communications Systems.



Examples: High Availability & Messaging Appliances; Internet Security Appliances; Intrusion Detection Appliances; Encryption Appliances; Caching Appliances; Network Management.



Gaming & Entertainment

Examples: Digital Signage; Casino Monitoring Systems for Gaming; Video Gaming; Broadcasting Systems.




Kiosk & Point-of-Sale

Examples: Electronic Ticketing; ATMs; Retail POS Equipment; Voting Machines. 




Examples: Call Center & Emergency Management; VoIP; Traffic Management; Speech Recognition & Transcription Appliances; Interactive Conferencing Systems.



Industrial Automation

Examples: Defense and Aerospace; Control & Automation Systems; Test & Measurement Equipment; Document Management. 



Safety & Surveillance

Examples: Video Surveillance; Contaminants & X-ray Screening Systems; Identification Systems.




Digital Signage

Examples: Advertising, Retail, Transportation, Quick Serve Restaurant, Education and Conference Room. 




Digital Cinema

Digital technology is used to capture, distribute, or project motion pictures.