Better Products, Faster Results with OEM Hardware

Tailored IT solutions require the highest quality platforms and components. Avnet Integrated Solutions has partnered with the leading technology manufacturers to bring you enterprise platforms that not only save you time and money, but also assist you in building the next generation of appliances and embedded solutions for our customers.


  • Faster parts lead time
  • Access to emerging markets through global deployment and support
  • Brand awareness and trust by end-users when they learn your appliance is for example “powered by” HP products
  • Capability to footprint
  • Volume pricing and cost alternatives = reduction in cost-of-goods
  • Cost savings on:
    - System configuration and testing
    - Manufacturing process overhead on third-party integration
    - Services and product support overhead

In addition to these benefits, Avnet Integrated Solutions gives you the opportunity to add extended services to your OEM offerings. These services allow you to earn additional revenue, while gaining a competitive advantage for business.
Avnet Integrated Solutions offers several customisable enterprise OEM supplier brands. Let us know which system fits your needs, and we’ll help you build the rest.