Tailored IT Solutions for your Application

We specialise in providing product lifecycle services for a range of device types and markets.

Whether you’re looking to build a software appliance or an industrial or medical device, Avnet Integrated Solutions can help. We can design your custom hardware solution, integrate industry leading software, and produce custom branding to suit your needs. All of this while lowering your production costs and reducing your time-to-market.

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The best technology

Your customers deserve world class appliances. We’ve partnered with leading enterprise suppliers to ensure you get high quality components, reduced costs and faster parts lead time.

  • Server Platforms
    AIC, Dell, HPE, Intel, Supermicro
  • Storage Platforms
    Dell, EMC, HPE
  • Networking Equipment
  • Workstations & Virtual Desktop
    Dell, HP
  • Embedded Computing
    Advantech, AOpen, Intel 
  • Mobility
    Dell, HP

Custom Integration

Our world-class facilities give us the unique ability to deliver to you complete solutions.

  • Modification of Components:
    HDD / SSD / CF cards / processors / DRAM / graphics boards
  • Custom bezel & chassis
  • Add third-party hardware
  • Load OS/proprietary software
  • Testing and burn-in 

World-class Facilities

Our world-class ISO 9001:2000 certified integration facilities mean you get a highly qualified 
contract manufacturer. Results? Lower costs and speedier deliveries.
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