McAfee Application Control

McAfee® Application Control™ software provides complete protection from unwanted applications and code-blocking advanced threats without requiring signature updates. It lets you consistently enable the known good, block the known and unknown bad, and properly administer new software.

The dynamic whitelisting trust model reduces costs by eliminating expensive manual support requirements associated with other whitelisting technologies.

Advanced persistent threats via remote attack or social engineering make it increasingly difficult to protect your business.
This centrally managed whitelisting solution uses a dynamic trust model and innovative security features that block unauthorised applications and foil advanced persistent threats (APTs) - without labor-intensive lists to manage. If you have zero tolerance for zero day threats, McAfee Application Control is the ideal solution to outsmart cyber thugs.

Key benefits

  • Protect against zero-day and APTs without signature updates
  • Provide reputation of files and applications using McAfee Global Threat Intelligence™ (McAfee GTI™)
  • Strengthen security and lower ownership costs with dynamic whitelisting
  • Efficiently control application access with McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee ePO™) software’s centralised management platform
  • Reduce patch cycles through secure whitelisting and advanced memory protection
  • Enforce controls on connected or disconnected servers, virtual machines (VMs), endpoints, and fixed devices such as point-of-sale terminals
  • Automatically accept new software added through your authorised processes
  • Provide flexibility to desktop users by optionally allowing them to approve new applications
  • Maintain user productivity and server performance with a low overhead solution
  • Easily protect unsupported legacy systems, such as Microsoft Windows NT and 2000
  • Integrates with McAfee ePO console for centralised IT management