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Avnet Integrated Solutions offers customised hardware and services to help you in all stages of your technology lifecycle:

  • reduce costs
  • minimise risk

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The wide range of embedded modules in the COM Express™, Qseven®, ETX® and NanoRISC form factors are based on the x86 or ARM Cortex Ax processor architecture. In particular for high speed designs, DDRx SDRAMs, PCI Express™ and USB 3.0 interfaces, front-side buses and special graphic functions are available. In addition to the development of FPGAs / FPGA SOCs, innovative, cost-optimised circuit-board designs, e.g. flex designs, can be implemented.  

Depending on customer requirements, the processor modules can be developed in accordance with industrial or medical standards or special EMC requirements. In addition to a thermal and functional simulation, a signal integrity test can be performed. Various operating systems are supported.



System design includes the integration of a mainboard, HDDs/SDDs, power supply and wiring. A cooling solution optimised for the application is of major importance. 3D CAD systems and temperature simulations are used during our design phase. 

In many applications, the industrial computer is combined with a display, including touch, to form an HMI terminal. Various operating systems are supported. 

The complete system is subject to a functional test, a compatibility verification and tests simulating various harsh environments. Certifications in accordance with CE, FCC, UL, EN 60601, etc are routine.





  • LCD touchscreen integration
  • LCD enhancements, monitor assembly
  • Standard / fully custom PC assembly
  • Server configuration
  • Software integration / OS imaging / software cloning / firmware modification
  • Product testing and burn-in
  • Repair and reverse-logistics service
  • Industrial printer setup
  • Custom packaging / labelling

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With several years of experience in the industry, as well as its know-how and all the required quality and certification requirements, Avnet Integrated Solutions already serves leading customers in key vertical markets including Medical, Communications, Military, Aerospace, Industrial Control and various others. 

Key Facts

  • ISO 9001:2000
  • ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System
  • ISO 13485 - Medical compliance
  • IEC 61340-5-1 (ESD) - certified facilities
  • Alternative manufacturing site for FDA requirements
  • Temperature, humidity, dust level controlled facilities
  • Clean rooms for LCD panel enhancement /integration
  • A culture of continuous improvement
  • Lean initiatives, incl. Kaizen principle
  • End-to-end value stream process mapping
  • Customised quality assurance inspections
  • Integration Tracking System (ITS) incl. asset tagging and serial number traceability by unit
  • FTP access for image downloads and Remote Network Connectivity to systems on production floor
  • 24 x 5 integration operations
  • Order Specific Instruction (OSI) process