Why us?

Why choose us as your product customisation partner?

  1. You need a customised product/configuration which goes beyond your current in-house capabilities
  2. You have the know-how and experience for the needed customisation, but not the physical facilities to execute it
  3. You are ready to expand your service offering to your customers, but you would like to avoid the capital investment and delay of expanding your own physical facilities
  4. Your volume solution can capture a great market opportunity, but only if you can deliver more quickly and cost effectively than your current in-house integration capabilities allow
  5. Quality is paramount, as determined by industry standards such as ISO and Lean initiatives, including Kaizen principles
  6. You need a fully documented service for products, vendor requirements, processes and tools

Avnet Integrated Solutions allows you to leverage these requirements and positions us as your partner of choice for specific integration and customisation needs. Our team of experts will assist in defining the right solution for your requirements, enabling you to satisfy your end customer’s needs in a cost effective and high quality manner.

With Avnet Integrated Solutions and our trusted integration centre you are able to outsource integration, execute customisation and optimise your cost model which will in turn enable you to focus more on the activities that will add value to your business.